Frequently Asked Questions

  • Certificate of Occupancy; via Allocation, Ratification,  Accommodation and Private C of O
  • Deed of assignment
  • Deed of mortgage
  • Deed of sublease 
  • Deed of under-sublease
  • Deed of release 

All the above will be done via Governor’s consent.

                *             Perimeter Survey plans

                *             Land agreement/receipt duly stamp duties

                *             Passport size photographs on white background

                *             Evidence of tax and development levy payments

                *             Photocopy of building plan (if property is developed)

                *             Photocopy of all payment receipts

                *             Means of identification (national ID, International passport, voter’s card or Drivers’ license)

                *             Certificate of incorporation (corporate organisation)

                *             Memorandum and Articles of Association (Corporate Organisation)

                *             Forms CO2 and CO7 (Corporate Organisation)

                *             Certified True Copy of the subsisting registered document

                *             Completed application form for Governor’s Consent

                *             Letter of Introduction/Authorisation form (ASSIGNOR/SUBLESSOR/MORTGAGE as soon as the case may be)

                *             Means of identification of both parties

                *             Passport photographs of both parties

                *             All Company’s registration document (if Corporate Organisation)

                *             Copy of Receipts of all payments

                *             Within 28 days (in addition to 14 days for publication gestation period)

                *             Subject to payment of all prescribed statutory charges

                *             Reporting for necessary inspection

                *             Timely submission of necessary documents

                *             Fulfilling all other conditions.

*             Obtain and submit application form with necessary payments and documents e.g. means of Identification for individuals and two for                       Directors of Corporate Organisation.

 *   4 passport photographs or white background for individual and one each for two (2) directors in case of corporate entity,

*    Submit any current evidence of certificate of payment of tax Clearance.

*   Individual – Below 5000m2

*  Corporate – Above 5000m2

Any size but depending on your proposed use, ability and capability to pay the assessed fees.

Provisional survey is a temporary survey produced for the applicant by a land surveyor; it does not need signature/seal of a Registered Surveyor but must carry appropriate location coordinates, lengths, bearings, names, location and land size.

Compensation is payable by corporate organisations/individuals who have benefited from allocation of a parcel of land which hitherto was compulsorily acquired by the government for commercial, industrial and/or agricultural purposes after crop enumeration and value of other unexhausted improvements on land are determined by appropriate officers.

Compensation is the value of crops/trees/plants/structures and other unexhausted improvements on the allocated land payable to the original owners.  It can be paid in installments but Certificate of Occupancy would not be granted until the balance payment is made.

Any of the twenty Local Government Areas of the State where there is an existing acquisition for such State land allocation. 

Yes, subject to the application and grant of a Governor’s consent to transfer, the unexpired term on the subsisting interest and other terms and conditions should be complied with.

There is no difference between the two Certificates of Occupancy as they emanate from the same government source and carry similar features.


  • Submit at least 2 copies of Deed, pay N5000 registration fee but N50,000 for the registration of Court Judgment.
  • Write letter to the Director-General, with attention
  • Apply for Certified True Copy and Caveat Placement
  • Produce letter of authorisation from the owner of the Title/Deed duly addressed to the Director-General, Bureau of Lands and Survey with 2 copies of passport of applicant and solicitor and the bearer and applicant’s passport photograph with white background and government-recognised identification cards.  
  • Driver’s license, Voter’s card, National ID Card, or International Passport.
  • Ask bailiff to submit subpoena to Director-General’s office and pay N20,000 for Court Attendance.
  • Get an affidavit from court and Police Report from the Police Station within the jurisdiction of place of loss of document and submit at the Deed Registry.
  • Write to the Director-General, Bureau of Lands and Survey and a new C of O would be prepared for you.
  • Apply for Governor’s Consent.  (see requirements for Governor’s Consent).


  • Ensure you investigate status of the land you intend to buy.  This will inform you whether the land is within government acquisition or free from any encumbrance.
  • You will need to engage a licensed land Surveyor to carry out perimeter survey for you.
  • As soon as possible
  • Between 14 to 21 days
  • Between 21 to 28 days


  • Within 14 days
  • Within 21 days
  • Between 21 – 28 days
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