Our Core Values

A track record of vigorously pursuing registration of titles to land, to enliven the land assets of the citizenry, as poverty alleviation strategy towards;
“building our future together”.

Quality & Timely
Service Delivery
Integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency


Team spirit and teamwork

Ensuring efficient management of Ogun State’s Land Resources, accessible to all, for the common good of the citizenry; in accordance with all applicable regulatory provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Certificate of Occupancy; via allocation, Ratification,  Accommodation and Private C of O
  • Deed of assignment
  • Deed of mortgage
  • Deed of sublease 
  • Deed of under-sublease
  • Deed of release 

All the above will be done via Governor’s consent.

Submit at least 2 copies of Deed, pay N5000 registration fee but N10,000 for the registration of Court Judgment.

Ensure you investigate status of the land you intend to buy.  This will inform whether the land is within government acquisition or free from any encumbrance.               

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